Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evidence Based Practice

The most important aspects in healthcare contains two important objectives, to get the patient better as quick as possible and to do it in the most cost effective way. How do we achieve these objects, while it seems difficult to do, it is actually quit the opposite. There is a large research base in this country and studies are being concluded each day. If you practice in a certain niche simply read all the possible studies in your field. If research is published that says a certain produced is better than the old one, implement the new one. If new research says a certain produce is no longer effective, stop doing it. This ebb and flow of eliminating and adding procedures should be happening on a a continual basis.

Unfortunately, this is not what is happening, despite the large amount of research in this country. There are certain procedures that have absolutely no evidence that it's therapeutic, but it's still being implemented in ever day practice. Another startling fact is that it take about ten years to implement new research in practical use, but what is even worst is that it take nearly twenty years to eliminate a procedure that has been deemed ineffective. So this mean twenty more years of insurance reimbursements and harmful medical invention.
Reading of the recent current literature is paramount in providing your patient with the best possible outcomes. At Twisted Spine and Joint Center, we implement the current literature up to date to get our patients better as quick as possible.