Monday, September 9, 2013

Professional Athletes & Their Use of Chiropractic

Why are professional athletes using chiropractic more and more whether they are in pain or not? This is a great question and the answers lies in the effectiveness. Chiropractors allow athletes to get the most out of their body, allows them to recover faster, prevents injures, and optimize their performance. The proof is in the pudding that athletes know that chiropractor keep them on the field longer and if they do come off, it gets them back sooner. As of now almost all profession sports team in every sport have chiropractors on staff, including the Olympics. Jerry Rice, Tiger Woods, and other athletes have state that chiropractic care is one of the most importance factors that can be directly related to their success.

Since athletes use chiropractors so frequently why isn't everybody using chiropractic with a certain frequency. Chiropractic is beneficial to everybody, whether you're a high level athlete or a desk worker, injuries occur in both facets, the cause is just different. The athlete injury is usually from trauma and the desk worker injury is usually from micro-trauma that is usually built up over time. The injuries can almost be treated the same, once the injuries are treated you do the same type of preventive treatment for the athlete as we would for the average Joe. It's all about optimizing your body's performance and keeping it working correctly.    

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